Undaunted Boat Smallest As Yet

While the usual ocean races go on around the world, there are some who are trying to get innovations and new feats in place.

For instance Undaunted is a 42 inch yacht that is probably the smallest boat to brace the ocean waters and it is being put to work to cross the waters of the Atlantic. Matt Kent has been engaged in this feat. At the age of 33 he put in his first attempt to cross the Atlantic in this capsule boat. He turned back within a span of 24 hours but hope is not lost for what one can manage with this tiny boat.

Matt Kent set sail solo in Undaunted, which is a 42 inch yacht. He started from La Gomera in the Canary Islands. However, he had to return back as the seaworthiness of his boat was doubted. He explained that there had been a weak point, though there was no immediate danger. Continue reading Undaunted Boat Smallest As Yet

Top 4 Enter Semifinals Of Women’s Match Racing

The thunderstorms decided to wait for the quarterfinals to finish at the Women’s Match Racing World Championship so that we get to know who the four semifinalists of the event are.

The results turned out to be pretty much on form and all the four top teams have qualified for the semifinals. They will be competing against each other to win the 2017 Women’s Match Racing World Championship.

The quarterfinals were an exciting affair and both the teams and the spectators in Helsinki enjoyed the day. The first quarterfinal match was between local sailor MarinellaLaaksonen and her L2 Match Racing Team and Renée Groeneveld from Netherlands and her Dutch Match Racing Team. Renee and her team won the race easily 3-0. She said that they had good speed and the crew did a fine job by taking advantage of the strong winds. Continue reading Top 4 Enter Semifinals Of Women’s Match Racing

Deed Of Gift America’s Cup

As the new framework agreement was worked upon by four skippers of the participating teams in America’s Cup, it brought to light several sections and aspects that needed attention.

For instance, the Deed of Gift is one document that is central to the agreement terms. It is considered to be the foundation that governs most aspects of the tournament. As per the Deed competitors get to know that, those who become winners in the race the team as well as the yacht club involved become trustees of the organization. This has helped ensure a lot of interest in the final races. Again, there is a down time after a race cycle is concluded during which time the defender is assigned the task to redefine equipment and racing format for the next event coming up. This helps develop a business structure for the organization which gets participating teams and clubs engaged in the works of the organization besides participating in the events. Continue reading Deed Of Gift America’s Cup

Etchells Worlds Gala Reception

The Royal London Yacht Club hosted the Etchells World Championship gala reception and over 250 guests were in attendance for the reception. The reception was opened by the Medina Marching Band and they thrilled the audience with their performance.

The director of the Regatta, David Franks, welcomed the sailors taking part in the Etchells Worlds racing event that will be held from 5th September to the 10th September. The flags of 11 nations that were taking part in the sailing event were raised on Trinity Landing and were greeted with loud cheers by everyone gathered at the gala reception. Continue reading Etchells Worlds Gala Reception

Light winds block Clipper fleet build up

The wind has been shifty and inconsistent, with a lot of trimming as well as sail alterations happening on the sixth day of the Seattle Pacific Challenge. With speed changing between six and fifteen knots and shifting forty degrees, several teams have also found them stuck in wind holes. It is because of the all new pressure system, and unable to get more northern side on the Great Circle route of North Pacific because of the unfavorable winds.

Since morning, the wind has turned slightly and steadier stronger at around twelve knots. Garmin goes on to lead the fleet, round fifteen nautical miles before of LMAX Exchange in the 2nd spot, with Mission Performance now in 3rd after more leaderboard alterations. Continue reading Light winds block Clipper fleet build up