Sailing Blogger Get Luxury Deal

Elayna Carausu and Riley Whitelum were on sailing voyage and they met in Greece in year 2014.

After they met their voyage did not remain personal but become fame of social media. Now, there love story and voyage has got new adventure. The couples have got a deal for a France sailing company; they are funding a million dollar yacht to this couple.

Moreover, their global voyage is now completely funded by social media. The love story of Carausu and Whitelum is very popular on social media and the couple has created a large pool of their fan on the platform.

French boat building company Outremer showed companies yachts in one of the videos posted by couple and then company gifted them a million dollar new luxury catamaran at discounted price. Director of Outremer’s Australian distributor Multihull Central, Bryce Vaughan said that the Outremer is the loyal fan of the couple. They have seen incredible things on YouTube videos posted by them and they have become a big fan of them.

Outremer helped this couple in securing the European lease and has let them to fund new yacht with the help of their social media income. The couple is making a great income from YouTube videos. According to sources, each video of the couple is earning tremendously. Some are paying 50 dollars per video and some are paying up to 200 dollars as well. There are also who pay 2 dollars for videos, but the number of such is large in size.

Although it would not be correct to say exact amount the channel is earning from video because not every transaction is a successful one. But yes, there is a great response and nothing of such type has been done before in the history of sailing that this couple has done.