Undaunted Boat Smallest As Yet

While the usual ocean races go on around the world, there are some who are trying to get innovations and new feats in place.

For instance Undaunted is a 42 inch yacht that is probably the smallest boat to brace the ocean waters and it is being put to work to cross the waters of the Atlantic. Matt Kent has been engaged in this feat. At the age of 33 he put in his first attempt to cross the Atlantic in this capsule boat. He turned back within a span of 24 hours but hope is not lost for what one can manage with this tiny boat.

Matt Kent set sail solo in Undaunted, which is a 42 inch yacht. He started from La Gomera in the Canary Islands. However, he had to return back as the seaworthiness of his boat was doubted. He explained that there had been a weak point, though there was no immediate danger.

The boat comprises of a floatation system for emergency situations which is located on the rudder assembly. This was being targeted a lot as the waves were coming close together. The float was getting jammed fast and hence the movement of the boat was getting affected. The sailing conditions were erratic and unpredictable. When the gusts of winds were blowing at 45 knots Matt realized that this was a weak link situation that could make it worse. However, Matt has not given up his dreams of making the Atlantic crossing with this boat in a time span of three months. He hopes that the waters would be calmer when he would be able to put in another attempt. He had been working on a tall ship design when he decided to look up small yachts that have been able to cross the Atlantic and that are when he came across the idea to design Undaunted.