Deed Of Gift America’s Cup

As the new framework agreement was worked upon by four skippers of the participating teams in America’s Cup, it brought to light several sections and aspects that needed attention.

For instance, the Deed of Gift is one document that is central to the agreement terms. It is considered to be the foundation that governs most aspects of the tournament. As per the Deed competitors get to know that, those who become winners in the race the team as well as the yacht club involved become trustees of the organization. This has helped ensure a lot of interest in the final races. Again, there is a down time after a race cycle is concluded during which time the defender is assigned the task to redefine equipment and racing format for the next event coming up. This helps develop a business structure for the organization which gets participating teams and clubs engaged in the works of the organization besides participating in the events.

The changes that have been put in place include removing the work required during the downtime period. A common ground has been formed for all events. As the format is generalized and clear it helps to confirm on the format that will be used for a forthcoming competition. It also helps define the boat conditions and entry cost prices. This in turn will surely help to make the competition less expensive for different teams to participate in. The competition also looks at future generations and how making it appealing for them. As the competition promotes the sport which is a modern and extreme sport that encourages healthy participation between different countries, it is necessary that the framework can adapt to changing conditions that come by as the years go by and next generation of sailing comes in.